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New member
I have to agree with nlphillips. It's like the software writers need something to do! Try fixing the bugs and getting the fat out of the software for a change.


Sorry for raising my voice, but it is really irritating to go to a new contract that has the latest version and not be productive.


New member
What's more annoying that PTC changing things, because they've got nothing better to do, is trying to use ProE2001 for all my design work and then switching to Wildfire for evaluation purposes and then back to 2001 for more design and so on..... arrrrrrrrrgh!

I had one of the spare buttons on my mouse programmed as a CTRL button... so I could easily do one-handed navigation.... then along came Wildfire.... =(


New member
My Pre-Prod CD just arrived...

What's with the fancy silver packaging and large boxes though? (It's onlt the Pre-production version after all)

PTC stuff usually just arrives in a boring old Jiffy-bag.


New member
Wildfire will take a little getting used to but I think it will be for the best, I'm sure the same was said for the intent manager, and I can't live without that now!!

And for the record, if you have a scroll mouse with a wheel on it, you can zoom without hitting any buttons. So spin is just pressing the middle buttom, zooming is scrolling with the wheel, and pan is with MMB and shift.

I griped about the whole taking your eyes off the screen thing also, to see what button your finger is on to move the model, but it's not that bad, you just have to move your finger from CTRL which is where it's planted today to the Shift key!

I think PTC has struggled with who they should try to keep happy, existing users or new users. You have to admit that the SolidX's of the World have been catching up a little bacause we as lazy americans are more concerned with interface than functionality. That is what scares me more than anything!!


New member
About Intent Selestion. It works in Wildfire.

Pick From List (From RMB pop-up menu), then select intent from list of selected objects.


New member

Wildfire is the only way to survive. Plaese compare new mid-ranges (like SW) and high-ends (UGS and Catia) to Pro/E.

Poor interface etc. Catia puts a lot of modey to development.


New member
just out of curiosity... i've never used solidworks or autocad. i am currently struggling through the learning curve of Pro E. Is it that much better than the other programs? i'm looking for the light at the end of the tunnel that tells me that i won't be struggling forever.


New member
I've been using Wildfire for about 2 months and I have found it much better than R2001 which I used for about a year. The spin/pan/zoom is much much better and quicker, you just need to get used to it. The 'dashboard' interface is good, as you can change from a protrusion to a cut or a surface without having to delete that feature first. That saves a tremendous amount of time.

One bug bear for me is that if you want to cancel the creation of a feature when in sketcher, it takes about 3 or 4 cancel buttons to actually exit the feature, what more annoying is that the cancels are on different places on the screen.

Othere than that Wildfire is excellent. Stop moaning you lot, try it and give it a chance!


New member
I do agree with pkivela. Wildfire is the only way to survive. For example SolidWorks is including a basic 'fea' for the same or minimal price; also High end packages like Catia, have a good improvement in looking.

I've tried Wildfire and is pretty good, PTC has simplified and enhanced interaction with user maintaining its power. Of course i think prices are high and for me with this price should includes BMX and Promechanica