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Why have PTC messed around with the Spin/Pan/Zoom controls in Wildfire?

If it ain't broken... don'f fix it!.... AAAARGH!
Is it true that wildfire is $5000 per seat versus the $30K that we paid for 2001.


pennyless pore user
Correct me if I'm wrong but if you paid $30K for 2001 then you probably got a pretty elaborite package, the foundation alone starts much lower (around $4.5-6K). It is true that the Wildfire foundation will have more features than previous versions but I'm sure that if you want all of the extensions that you are used to using on your $30K version you are looking at a similar price range.
I looked at the Wildfire and I'm sure its a great product with fun new stuff.

What is it with PTC changing pro-E Drastically every 2 years though? My people are still getting used to the changes in 2001 and now Wildfire is like learning a whole new program.

And yeah!! What is up with the crappy new Spin/Pan/Zoom controls!!! AAAHH!!! You can't spin/zoom/pan all together now. You have to stop between the 3 to hit a new button, which makes you take your eyes off the screen and go pecking for keys. Am I supposed to keep 3 fingers on the 3 keys all the time now?

Ok, I'm done. That felt good.
I agree that the new spin/pan/zoom buttons take a while to get used to, but I think they are better now...

In Sneak Peak two, they modified it as follows:

Midlle Mouse + No Button = spin;

MiddleMouse + Shift = pan;

Middle Mouse + Ctrl = zoom;

What's nice is that the Ctrl can now be used for multi-select which is something that caused grief in previous versions of Pro/E. Within a week, people will forget how to use the 2001 method after the Wildfire one anyways...
Solidworks is fundamentally flawed software - no layers, no datum-curves, no datums-on-the-fly, detailing sucks and have you seen their sketch clipping tools ??

It's okay for lite work and feels like a toy against Pro/E.

Seems like SW cashed in on PTCs weaknesses even if it meant creating a few of their own.
does anyone know where i can get a free copy of wildfire? - perhaps a student version? i have lots of free time to learn it right now. also in need of a free copy of real 2001 for all these models that won't open in the student version. =]

[email protected]
You can download Wildfire from the PTC web site... but you're going to need an active maintenance agreement...

The version of Wildfire that is available is only a Sneek Peek... we're not even at a Pre-Production level yet.

Don't expect any models you save in the sneek peek to work in the final version of Wildfire.
Well, I just got in the official Pre-Production version of Pro/E Wildfire. I hope that they have worked out most of the crashing bugs that were in Sneak Peak 2 (although they were expected then since it was a pre-pre-release just to get the market eager).

I am installing it today and will keep you all informed of anything interesting... hopefully they have not changed the spin/pan/zoom again as they did from SneakPeak1 to SneakPeak2.
I haven't used wildfire yet (should be getting the pre-production CD in the mail soon) but I have seen several demos on it. I don't like the sound of the spin controls. I am sure I will get used to it the different controls but that isn't the issue I have with it.

I frequently use the middle mouse button to accept the default choices in the menus. Is there any thing replacing that in wildfire? It was also handy for quickly picking done or done select after picking a feature or in a pop up like the print dialog box. Hitting the middle button was like clicking on OK. I think I will miss that.
The middle button is still used to accept the default value - ex bold type in menu manager (which is now gone). A agree, this was a nice feature, and thankfully it has not changed.

Another nifty new feature is that the right mouse button is now a default queary select. Simply right-click on window to get query select, click until choice is highlighted, then middle mouse button to accept still. It makes things even quicker :)
I hope you are right rbrunet, but how can it distinguish between if you want to accept a default or spin? I suppose it might not recognize your intent as spin until after you were holding the button down for some period of time, and any quick click would be interpreted as accept the default.
I think it is probably that if you don't move the mouse then it is accept default, but of you move the mouse between press and release of the middle button, then it is spin...
I think it is probably that if you don't move the mouse then it is accept default, but of you move the mouse between press and release of the middle button, then it is spin...


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