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What do you think?


New member
Not really a Rant and Rave but I guess there is not a C&C forum at the momet.

Looks very good in my opinion. Is this a personal project or is for work? How long did it take you to get this far?


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Thanks aandersen,

It's mostly for work, running the motor with Mech Design and throwing different rods in it to get clearances.

I have about 90 hrs into right now, I still have to put in the timing gear drive, cam, push rods etc. but everything is already modeled


very good work actually

i wonder...

is it possible for me to have this assembly in order to make it work with MDX.. ??

it would be a great challenge

of course you will receive the results....

with no cost of course...



Active member
Good work really it is.

Now-a-days I am working on MDO/MDX of large assemblies.

This will be a challenge for me. After doing Mechanism dynamics I would like to link it with Pro/Mechanica and ANSYS DesignSpace to complete the analysis. Pro/Mechanica supports MDO but will Design Space accept it?

Interesting it will be.



New member
lots of effort to do this!

Can you say a bit about your method for modelling the camshaft profiles?


New member
Yeah, I agree it looks good. Can I get a copy too? I would like to be able to see it work in Mechanism.


New member
Looks excellent, great job. I would also like to have

a copy of the assembly model, especially with the

MDX connections in place. Putting this all in motion

would not only be very cool to look at but would also

be a great training aid on MDX and hopefully excite

others to use it.


New member
That is totally awesome!

I think now you need to add a big ole' Holly double pumper, maybe 650 CFM, a giant Roots type blower, some straight headers........


New member
Thanks for all the feedback 8^)

The cam profiles were done tracing them out on paper (I didn't have any paperwork on the cam) and the scanned to make a raster image tem converted them to a vector format to use the curve as geometry.

I have a Holley Dominator 1000 sitting in my desk draw that I'm hoping to tear down and draw if the owner will let me.

Eventually this motor will have a gear timing drive, roller cam and lifters, 23 deg heads (couldn't find and 18 deg. SB2 heads).

When this is done I have a big block to do the I'm going to do the 5.8L FI out of my truck this winter.


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Very slick. I remember a while back that one of the NASCAR engine building companies had digitized a small block using a coordinate measuring machine. It was mainly an article hyping the reverse engineering software but I forget what the package was called.



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Looks way cool.

How did you get the dimensions for all the parts. did you get a set of drawings out of GM or did you just start laying ruler over an an old engine you had lying around ?

It look great, do you think your compamy will let you publish it on the downlaod a file page in this forum ? I would love to render it up and make a desktop wallpaper out of it.