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Video Card Recommendation


New member
Does anyone have a recommendation for a decent AGP card in the $125-$150 range? I have an older Precision 610 I need to bring up to Wildfire-level performance. It will only be for 6 months or so until the schedule permits its complete replacement with a Precision 650. I've scavenged some parts from another 610, so it will get dual 550Mhz Xeons and 1GB of RAM.

I've been using $139 Wildcat VP560s in these older machines, and they seem acceptable - except I think they've been discontinued. Obviously, I don't want to throw good money after bad, but I worry about the driver compatibility on these consumer-level cards.

Thanks in advance

Peter Brown


New member
I've been running a hacked TI 4800 at home that works excellent with Wildfire, opens up all 15 windows no problem.



New member
If you don't mind buying a used card run a serch for xgl700 on ebay. You can get them for $89.00 all the time. The 700 is the some as the 900 but with only 64ram. Also, the ATI 8800 E2 card is not bad and you can get it cheap on ebay. I would sell you mine for $50.00


New member
Definately go for the NVIDIA chipset for Wildfire. I have had great luck with them and they are worth the extra cost. Look in the recommended hardware on the PTC site.