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I am creating an assembly of a starter motor and housing. Eventually I am going to use it in a full model of a Kawasaki motor. In the motor assmbly the only thing that will be inportant is the exterior geometry (for placement clearances) and the bolt hole locations. I want to keep the full motor assembly as small as possible. Is there any way I can assemble the starter into the motor as a prt. file instead of an asm. file, so it doesn't have to piggyback or reference all of the starter's individual part files.
Create a merged part and use only the relevant parts or create or maybe create a shrinkwrap part.

Try this,

Create an assembly shrinkwrap. Feature > create > data sharing.

Enter a value for the quality from the Shrinkwrap attributes window > Done

Select Comp Subset > Define > Ignore > Select the components from the assembly which you don
Here is another option. In the assembly you wish to represent as a single fast part create a new component called part_num_shrink and assemble it to the default coordinate csys. Use Modify > mod Part and pick this new part. Use feature create>data sharing> shrinkwrap. Use quality 3 and OK. When it is done you will have a very small fast part you can assemble into the next assembly.


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