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I am trying to recreate the Blend the Three Tubes tutorial from PTC. I had to recreate the basic tubes and then create the surfaces on the outside of each. Then, create the points, hence the need for the angled Datum Planes.

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In trying to follow the instructions on page 7-16, (the fan shape) Pro/E tells me it cannot create the geometry. Of course, I cannot use the point numbers as mine are different. And, the points that highlite are diffderent from the Datum Points that I created.

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When I do the second dir, the points that highlite are between the two points on the handle of the fan. I can create two pieces of boarder, but it still does not work.

Any suggestions?

Not familiar with the tutorial, but I'm guessing you're trying to create the center surface. If so create a boundary surface using edges between pt8 & pt9 and pt6 & pt7 for your first direction pair. Use edges between pt6 & pt8 and pt7 & pt9 for your second direction.

After that you can then set up your boundary conditions.

If you want a real challenge try creating this with 3 identical joins (real life) instead of this.

PS Another case for make-datum.

PPS In case it's not made clear in the tutorial, the reason for the two datum-points (pt 6 & 7) on the one cylinder is a workaround for the fact that joining curves cannot be tangential with boundary surfaces.

Thanks for the reply. The instructions tell us to use the two mirrored curves as first dir. Then, for the second dir, define the edge segment. Click 'From To' then pick PNT1 and PNT2. The problem is that points 1 and 2 do not highlite. The only points that highlite are between PNT6 and PNT7 and 180 degrees from there. I was eventually able to get a blue line between them, actually two pieces. But, it still would not construct the surface.

Understand that I had to construct the three tubes myself, as revolves.

If it makes it any easier I think I have that actual file around here somewhere. Let me know and I ll zip it off to you.


Thanks. If it is compatable with my Student Edition of 2000i2, then send it on.

[email protected]

I had to makes curves on the edges that needed to have boundries. That worked.

User defined feature

A way of grouping and copying features in a model:

To Create a UDF (basic)

1. Choose UDF Library from the FEAT menu. The UDF menu lists the following options:

- Create
I uploaded both a part file (tubes_interect.prt) and a udf (*.gph) of a 3 tube blend all created in 2001.

Hopefully admin will post them.

I'd be interested to see if the udf (tubes_intersect.gph) work in 2000i2 SE.

Was successful in bringing it in to 2001 SE - had some control points in a boundary surface come unglued but that's all.
The more I look at the pictures of this blend the more I see how this is completely tailored to suit Pro/E with complete disregard to practicality.

It could be - and probably is - argued that this is only for training. But why train people on something that's impractical and not applicable to the real world ??

Have noticed that SolidWorks tutorials pay significantly more attention and detail to what is practicable.