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Still attempting to draw an alien

You should be able to do this with about 3 variable section sweep features. Those solve just about everything. Maybe 4 if you want to include the saliva. I think they modeled the entire cast of Finding Nemo in Pro/E, and used Design Animation for the, eh, animation.
No, I was just kidding. But check this out:

When they render the animation, each frame, representing 1/24 sec, takes an average of 6 hours to render. For a 1-1/2 hour long movie (i.e. Finding Nemo), they have to render 2160 frames. That's 12,960 computer hours of rendering, which equals 540 computer days).

Some frames take as much as 90 hours to render. They probably have many computers rendering simultaneously.

For more information on Pixar's rendering software, go to:

In Toy Story, Woody's face alone has 100 avars, or hinges to make it move.
4 with the saliva. Ok, not really. I'm just kidding. Kind of hard to read sarcasm, eh? To seriously model something like this in Pro/E, what about using ISDX's stye features?
You could build it on style but it would probably be quicker in pro concept. They used it in the last Martrix I think.

Good one Jason!

Now I'm thinking of just doing the major features, in pro, then attempting to render with Corel Draw...

I downloaded a little program called Anim8or - It just might do the job!! But it's not pro!!

I thought about doing a bunch of spinal bends... connected to a skeleton model (it's gotta move!!)
So you've modelled it all except the drool ???

Think you've got a little more to think about before you get to the drool..
I'm actually working now on the general shape - the helical sweeps shown in the appendages seem to add a nice mechanical look...I've got a long way to go yet!!

I actually have a life - so I'm not spending toooo much time on this - just seemed like a fun thing to do -
Trust me - I gotta show it off :) But, once you see it (I'll upload a zip file into the files dir... you see I'm not really using anything special - I'm actually doing it the hard way...You'll see... But I actually took gggggggggg's (wazzup G!) comments to heart and have been sitting in front of the tube with a beer in hand (or sitting in front of the beer with a tube in my hand)- so, I haven't gotten very far....Hang in there!
To tell you the truth - this is only as far as I've gotten. I finally came up with my shape just this weekend...All I've got is the neck and head to start with... I'm going to build the shoulders and torso off from this...I'll get to the appendages later... I'm planning on putting a couple of cuts along the bottom of the neck to give it bending features/wrinkles.

It helps to listen to Rammstien while you're drawing :)

It's only a simple blend with blended extrusions for the teeth so far....

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If I were to attempt drawing this I would create a bunch of shapes close to the shapes you want in the end result and assemble them with pin joints. From that point I would style each piece accordingly. It looks like a fun Project.
Well, I'm actually starting off with a general one piece part with a bunch of protrusions -

Maybe later (once I can peel myself away from the Television), I'll attempt the animation mechanisms...