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Spring Dimensioning Problem


New member
Hi everyone...

Does anyone know how put dimensions for a spring?? I created a spring by using helical sweep feature. Then, in drawing mode, i cannot put the dimensions for the diameter of spring as well as the spring wire size.

Thanks in advance.


New member
You need a perpendicular plane to get something "dimensionable". That means adequate orientation or a section view.

Best thing however is to retrieve model parameters.



There should be no problem getting a fully dimensioned spring drawing using model dimensions. You can always use an extra centerline or point in your sketch to add extra dimensions like spring OD if your model is based on mean diameter for instance. I also add some offset datum planes to the the L1 & L2 dimensions.


New member
I think I know what the problem is. In the sketch, choose a centerline, then a geometrical entity, then the centerline once again, middle mouse button to display the dim. This will give you the diametrical dimension of the outside of the spring. To get the diameter of the wire, in sketcher double mouse click the circle you had drawn and middle mouse button to display the dimension.
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