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Solidworks / brain washing


New member
Have been using Wildfire for 3 years now. Going back
to 2001 is so very painful for me. Humans in general resist change.
Me? I resist changing back to the past and always look forward.
Wildfire is much faster. I and my company don't sell software
therefore my opinion may hold more weight. I agree that Wildfire is 30 percent faster that 2001.

Sure there are optimizations that can occur moving to WF3.0; one does have to
move the mouse from one end of the screen to the other. It is only slightly
painful. Just think you could be using Solidworks without the aid of
intent manager. (I did five of the Barbie Flashlights in Solidworks and we teach solidworks too) That was a test for surfacing in Solidworks. Holy Cow! I prefer PowerPoint and Photoshop
over Solidworks. (joking) Do you
remember how much griping there was for moving towards the intent
manager? It was the high end users that resisted the most.

Wildfire rocks and anyone who says otherwise will in
two or three years come around in embarrassment. I bet those complainers will be managers or remain
three years behind then too.

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