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PTC webcast killed my PC..


New member

That crap is messed up like ptc maintenence. It loads, gives you some phone numbers and dies. When you try to exit windows wants to send the error back to windows. Very strange.


New member
did you take a look at your RAM usage using task manager? once it finishes buffering it just goes mad!

cheers for trying!


New member
The video spools right up and my task manager never goes over 400mb with Pro/E running.

We have the crappiest internet connection to, it goes from the U.S to China and back ... it instantly turns a T1 line into a 56.6


New member
I duno. I couldn't get it to work in the office (where we have a 160MB leased line) or at home where I have 2MB broadband.. differnt pc's diferent os, diferent browsers.. everything is diferent!

and I was looking forward to watching it!

oh well!



New member
thanks Brad, I've read that alright.. done everything it has asked bu still no joy.. I'll run a virus scan and update everything bu I dont think it'll help.. I mean I wan watch all of the new ones.. all teh industrial design ones, the EFX ones, I;ve no problem watching the live webcasts.. there just seems to be one or two of the older ones that I seem to be having problems with..

it's wierd, I can't explain it!