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New member
I wonder if it is posible to rename an assembled model in pro/program, I have not yet ben able to find the right syntax

for this operation. have any of u got a solution for this problem?

Rgs. S


New member
I don't think it is possible, because in pro program you can only modify a part or an assembly through parameter and you can't force the system parameter rel_model_name() to be equal to a user parameter !!!!

If you explain better what you wish to do, perhaps I can help you




New member
Im trying to make a manufacturing assembly that automaticly

assembles a specyfied ref model and generates a new (copy) a workpiece. So far I have been able to make the ref model and

the manufacturing features resolve automaticly, but I still

hav'nt found a way to generate the copy (rename) of the workpiece.


New member
Dou you simply assembly the workpiece or through pro/program pass to it some values or parameters? If you canghe via program an assembled part then you can instantiate it, that is exactly a save_ascommand. If ins't a problem for you have a family table of wokpieces this could be a solution.


New member
I don't think you can do this without some external programming.

However, if you are looking to rename the NCL file based on a parameter, you can set a relation in the manufacturing like this:


This will set the name of the NCL file when you export it.



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