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Pro/E training


New member
my company recently acquire a business that uses PRO/E. I have taken a job in this new venture and need to get training. I am a presently a UG user. Does anyone have a recomendation for training? I would like to hear about both classroom and web-based for later.



New member can get you class information with training completed by PTC. Alot of Universities are also offering training or classes in Pro/Engineer. This is another are to consider depending on where you are from.


New member
You might want to talk to my company Syncroness 877 429 5005. We have all kinds of Pro/E , I link and other software training. We're PTC certified too...


PTC for classroom, you may wait a while for a class and it costs 1875.00 per class

CADTRAIN for text and image based web based, only real text/image based web based program. Expensive for the whole package, will wait to get the software and get it installed.

KinetiVision for real time video streaming, inexpensive, available 24/7 from home or work, certified professionals, available immediately via the web.