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Model color palette


New member
In WF1 I have a config.pro option, pro_colormap_path pointing to a directory where I have my color.map file.

In evalutating wildfire 2, I am using the same config.pro. Now when I
open a part and want to change the color, my colors are not in the
palatte. I can go to file open and read in my color.map file .
This is a work around, but I want to have the colors be there every
time I start.

I have tried having just the file called Appearance.dmt(appended
with my colors) in this directory. I have tried jsut haveing the
color.map file in the directory. Neither worked.


New member
Might be a space in the directory structure? Just a thought. I am in 2001 and don't need to tell Pro where the color.map is because it is in my startup directory.


New member
seanlittle and all WF2 users,

As yousaid in the config.pro option, pro_colormap_pathshowsthe directory whereyou havetheappearance.dmt file.

First you have to find an old color.map file and using View/ Colors and Appearance menu, choose File / Open, switch the Type to Appearance Map(*.map) and open that file to see all the colors in place.

Then do a File / Save, pick the existing appearance.dmt file and hit OK to overwrite it.

Restart Pro/E and you'll see the colors loaded.


i was under the impression u could not use the colormap of wf1 in wf2.

if this is not the case i am going to
who ever told me that u couldnt


New member
Does anyone have a decent color map? I tired to download the one on this site, but it just keeps giving me a "file not found" error when i i click the link.