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Mechanism of geneva-wheel


New member
Hello everyone

i would like to know whether we can annimate mechanism of intermittent motion such as geneva-wheelin pro/e 2001. should i have to give two servo motors. But then what should be the motor types. one is of uniform type but the other is not.

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thank you



New member
I believe you only need one servo motor to animate the geneva wheel. Place one on the blue disc in the picture. You do however need four cam connections, eachwith lift-off enabled. One between the pin and each of the four slots on the green wheel.


New member
Justgeo is right on -the one servo motor on your disk, andyou can do that with one cam connectionor four, just make sure that you have the lift off enabled and if it fails check your tolerances. Sometimes you will have trouble with it of the slot is too deep compared to the final location of the pin.
When you drag it you might get an error when doing so, but should be fine when you run it...