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Making a Pattern of Multiple Patterns


New member
I have a series of beams patterned radially at an angle that I want to make a pattern of.

How can I unpattern this pattern of beams in order to make a translational pattern of them?
Assuming this is a beam in an assembly:

Delete the pattern: [Component > Del Pattern]. Then redefine the beam component with linear dimensions instead of radial dimensions. Then pattern the component again using the new dimensioning scheme.

If this is a feature in a part, same logic applies.
Sorry, I think i misunderstood your question. You want to pattern a pattern.

Group the pattern [Feature > Group > Local Group (enter a name)], then select the pattern. Then from the Group menu, select Pattern, and pattern the new group that you just made. Use the dimensions from the first pattern.
to pattern a patterned group do one thing make this pattern as a group and now go to group pattern and pattern this group.u can do this i have done it in patterning holes. i made a hole patterened it lenierly and made it as a group and then patterened this group radilly.



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