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Locating sub-assemblies in a serparate directory


New member
I am adding a sub-assembly to an assembly and want the sub-assembly to remian in a separate directory. Even if the sub-assembly directory is in the main assembly directory (which is te working directory) Pro/E 2001 fails to locate the sub-assembly.

How can I correct this problem without having to load the individual sib-assembly first? Ideally The sub-assembly directory could reside outside the main assembly directory.

Maybe I am missing something obvious?

Thanks for any help,



New member
If I want the sub-assembly directory to be nested inside the main, working directory will I have to do that every time I start work on a new assembly?

Thanks again,



New member
The ProE search path is quite literal. It only looks for files where you specifically tell it to. It will not automatically search into sub directories. So yes you do have to tell it everytime you add a new directory to search there. Instead of added repeated search_path entries in the you can use a search path file which is easier to edit and doesn't clutter your with seach_path entries.


New member
If for instance you work on several projects, and naturaly you put them in several different directories. And you create one file which is loaded with your And you have in every project in some directory, for instance part with the name pin.prt. And this pin.prt is a part of a subassembly which is stored in different directory then the working directory from which you are opening the big assembly. When you are opening that big assembly which pin.prt of all of them will be loaded: The first one founded in the list?

You can create several for every project you run, and connect every config with its and it would be ok.


New member
you can create a file and put all your search paths in this file

In your create a path called search_path_file and the path would be wherever you put the


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