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Layouts and Supression


New member
Dear Colleagues,

I'd like to know if i can supress a feature from a layout, if so, how should this be done.

Thanks and, best regards


New member
The answer to your question is yes.

I'll attempt to give you the shorthand answer to this there may be a few ways to do this and many details...but one basic example way is to do the following:

1. create part model (or assy model) and once the features have been generated, create a parameter..we'll call it machine_slot as a yes/no type in the part.

2. then using pro/program establish a program entry to suppress the feature when the parameter machine_slot is set to no and resumed when set to yes. save and exit model.

3. create a layout with a parameter...we'll call that one slot with the same 'yes/no' type and save the layout.

4. With the layout open, re-open the part and declare the layout to the part and then write a relation in the desired part to make the value of machine_slot equal to the layout param value of slot.

i.e. machine_slot=slot save the model.

now everytime you set the value to no for the slot parameter in the layout it will suppress the feature in the part via the pro/program definition. This may not be the way it should be done as it should apply to what your trying to accomplish, which the steps and parameters may vary a bit, and this requires you to know a little pro/program functions.


You can also make drawing views with only particular features or parts suppressed:

Part drawings

Views | Represent | Pick views - Pick the view - Simplify

Select the features in the part to hide.

Assembly drawings

Views | Disp Mode | Memb Disp | Blank

Pick the part in the view you want to hide/blank

Use the same menu to unblank...



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