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Interferences and Clearances in animation !!


New member
Hello !! Friends,

Need some information, please...

In assembly mechanism, say worm and worm wheel are in mesh with each other and the animation is running.

When the assembly is in the stand still mode....i can see little interferences and clearances as well between the two surfaces (worm n worm wheel)

Is there any way, where I can find out the interferences and clearances in the complete surface of worm ??? in other way my question is...how can i see the interferences and clearances through out the surface and not in a stand still one point ??

comments, please !!


Active member
If you have MDX license then after successfully running the analysis when you click on animation icon you have option to check interferences between two parts or global interference. Global interference takes more time. You need to click on interference between two parts. After some time when the animation will start you will see the live interference btween your parts.