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I bet anyone can figure out this one


New member
This is an easy one for you guys. I need help.

I create a column to display a distance analysis. I have 50 measure items of such various distances in the model tree. How do I do that: I create a Feat Parameter column so it displays the distance measured from the Analysis. Simple! But when I change the model, the measures will reflect the new distance. Well, I can't read 50 items over and over every time I change the model to check for the specs. The reason I read them again is to check if any distance is under 0.100". I know I will miss some times so I need a way to simplify the detection. Say, if a distance is under 0.100", a new column will display a note across that particular measure saying "Fail". Else, it does not display anything.

Simple but I am a newbie in WF2. Please give me something to think about. Thanks



You can add another column with a rpt.rel.user defined parameter called ANSWER then right a table relation along the lines of

if ANALYSIS == <0.1 then


else ANSWER == " "


or somthing along those line, not sure if the syntax is correct but Im sure if you search in the forums for table relations you'll find a solution.