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Hide centreline i runners


Runner is a function I use when I create a distribution channel in injection mold.

When I create theese runner that apears centrelines in each

runner / channel.

Hope tihs is enough

Check your options to see if the default of no has been changed to yes for:


Setting this to yes often gives axes or centerlines to features you would not otherwise expect to have them.
Secondly, adding the runner feature to a specific layer, and then selectively blanking the layer, upon repaint, will blank the centerline (axes, 2D features associated with the solid geometry). In part model, blanking a solid feature ONLY removes the 2D geometry, as I said, the centerlines.

In drawing mode, the shown axes could be erased selectively, by feature, etc.

Hiding the feature associated with the undesirable centerline will remove the entire feature from view until Unhidden.

I solve the problem by putting the centerline on a layer

( centerline ) and blank them afterwords.

Centerlines can be connected to a layer as curves.



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