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Displaying 3d models in web page


New member
Looking that web page, and looking main web page developed by firm owner of that technologies, I am sure that it can be done, and that has been done, by mixture of Java and flash.



New member
I just came back from the Connecticut Pro/E users group and had a excellent time I must say ... anyway This guy from Immersive Design ( showed the coolest demo of a software called IPA.

You could go on there site and download an eval license. Basically the software is an interactive animation tool, one of the strong points I saw was IPA creating an interactive web page that you could e-mail to your client and they could interogate, rotate, explode etc... the assembly.


New member
In a Pro/E part or assembly choose File>Save As and choose VRML from the Type pull-down menu. You have to have COSMO or some other type of VRML plugin viewer for your browser. You can do some neat things with Pro/E parts and assemblies through a web page.


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