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Constrain window


In sketcher mode.

Why the constrain window doesn't disappear when we click the middle mouse button, and we have every time to select close with the mouse ?

There are many areas in Pro/E where you would expect the middle mouse button (Done/Return) to work and it does not. Apparently, different programmers working on different areas of the software with no scrutiny before final release? I am in the Wildfire forum, so I guess they missed it on the wildfire release also :((
As a new user to Pro/E, I was amazed with the number of clicks it took to do something in 2001. I never had any classes in 2001, with all my training being done in Wildfire, so when I first turned it on, it took a while to get an idea of what Pro/E expected me to do next. I guess with all the changes made to get to Wildfire, some of the consistancey in the interface was missed.

Steve C