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Basic hull


New member
Hi Speling,

as far as I know Pro/SHIP is no longer supported. Which functionality of the hull design do you use? If you use structural hull, then you should look for PTCs Expert Framework Extension EFX which is the new product of PTC for

beam structure design



New member
I now get it :) (With huge problems like I mention I theme Option Smart disappeared :( (urgent))

Can somebody suggest some good program for quality work on the hull


New member
Hey Speling, long time no speek.

I have a variable section sweep of a hull, that is, the major portion of it. Kind of a first try, but it worked. It is in 2000i2 SE. Don't know if it will open for you. Just tried to upload it, too large??



New member
Again me :)

Any suggestion or good link explaining how to work in Basic Hull will be appreciated - also some tutorials will be nice


New member

I'm doing a static analysis for an offshore tidal turbine, iwant to model and analyse it in ProE to compare it with a numerical model created in MathCad.

Did anyone model or analyse an object floating in water, if so how? Any tips, tutorials etc... are appreciated