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1/4 box symmetry constraint error


New member
I have a box that I modeled only 1/4 of it for the analysis.
There are many weldsin the supports in the assembly. If I free up
the translations in the plane of the cut, it gives me an error trying
to delete the constraints. Because it is 1/4 of the model, I have
this on both the top and the side.

Anyone know why? I have a pic that I can send to anyone wanting to look at it.



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New member
from help (WF2.0)
<H1>Symmetry Constraints</H1>

Use the Insert>Symmetry Constraint command in Structure or Thermal to create a cyclic or mirror symmetry constraint. This command is not available in FEM mode. When you select this command, the Symmetry Constraint dialog box appears with these items:
<LI =kadov-p>



New member
I thought it was that easy, but that is where it is giving me
errors. When I put in the symmetry constraint just like that,
Wildfire 2.0 tries to delete the constraints.

thanks though...


New member
Could it be that you are applying sutrface constraints and using shell
idealizations at the same time!! If that's the case, ProM will delete
the constraints because the constrained surfaces will not exist after
the shell compression takes place. You'll need edge/line constraints