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yesterday fast, today slow regen on many feature part


New member
I have a part with about a thousand features, which took a few minutes to regenerate. Recently, with minor changes to the part, the regen time jumped to two hours. Any idea what could be causing this? I can't figure it out.


My first question is what kind of part requires a thousand features? What should be looked at is the way the part was modeled originally.

In regards to the regen time, depending on what the minor changes were, there could be a difference in regen time. The addition of rounds, fillets and the like will significantly increase the regen time. I had a similar situation in that someone added fillets and rounds to a terminal strip and phillips head screws; regen time increased approximately ten fold. Hope this helps.
dear simon999,

you are having more than thousand of feature it takes more regeneration time. The best practice is to supress the feature except your feature you want to redifine and regenerate. You may avoide the regeneration time. try this technique and mail me back.( E-mail ID: [email protected]) bye from s.satish kumar (Design Engg) sharjah uae
i think the solution is to ask from Pro/E informations about your model

(Info, Model).

Save it to a txt file and send to us so we can examine your model and what kind of feature contains.

For example if you have different advanced rounds on corners

you understand that you have every time different times for

regenaration or if you have same features you can use the copy surface technik so you reduce dramatically the regenaration time (up to 40-60%).

So if you want send your *.txt file.

[email protected]


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