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x hatch in cosmetic sketch


New member
hi every body,

Can anybody tell me what is cosmetic > sketch > xhatch

Actually I want to show cometic xhatch in drawing.



New member
A cosmetic is a 2D set of geometric entities. I use them to represent printing on a switch by sketching text. You can also use a cosmetic to represent a bend line, a parting line on the part. You can change the fonts of cosmetics in the part by choosing Modify/Line Style. Just a warning, if the cosmetic is hidden and your view is set to No Hidden, you will not see it in the view. If the cosmetic is closed, you can choose to crosshatch it. If you have sketched a cosmetic with no crosshatching, you can redefine the attributes of the cosmetic to be crosshatched. To modify the crosshatching, select the cosmetic in the drawing and choose Properties.


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