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Wrong Orientation for Copy Part


New member
I have found that when I copy a part that exists along a trajectory and paste it onto another part of the trajectory that it often comes out in the wrong orientation (upside down in my case). Is there anyway for me to stop it from doing this?
I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean when you import a section in sketcher? If so you can rotate the section when you place it. Or do you mean you copy the feature with new references, and the results are upside down. If so try messing with the regen actions. You can flip the datum references.
i created one of the cross-sections of my bridge. then i used the feature>copy function to copy the part and redefine the trajectory that it sweeps along. this way, i only have to create the cross-section once, then use the copy and change trajectory functions to create the other sections of my bridge without having to sketch them over again. my problem is that when i finish copying the part, i notice that it is rotated 180 degrees around my trajectory. i figured that it was some referencing problem, but i'm not sure how to fix it.
When you copy, first Pro askes for dimensions you may want to change. Then references that you replace. Finally it asks for regen action(which side of the datums you want, trajectory startpoints, and inside or outside section). By flipping the datums one way or another you might get the results you want. You might also be using the wrong end of the trajectory for a start point.
i don't see an option to redefine my datum references. after i choose my trajectory, it asks me to define my start point. there aren't anymore options. is there a rotate function somewhere where i can just ask it to roate my part 180 degrees, using my trajectory as the axis? or will that mess up my sweep?
Try redefining the sketching plane. If that does not work, go into the sketch, drag a box around the section, and select EDIT/ROTATE(or use the icon).