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Wrapping a curve onto a sphere


New member
I am trying to wrap a datum curve consisting of text onto a spherical surface. When I select the spherical surface I get an error message saying the surface can't be developed. I can wrap the curve onto an extruded surface.<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

Any ideas please, or perhaps a work around?

Many thanks



New member
Try a toroidal bend. It doesn't wrap the curve onto the surface, but it can bend the curve into the shape of a sphere.

Good Luck


New member
Hi guys

I suggest you a simpler way of doing that. Choose this option:


This option allow you to easily project text on sphere. But be carefull of selection of sketch plane, directionand surface of projection because text could be reversed.

Hope it help



New member
agree w/ mmead0ws...toroidal bend is more robust since you can reference the 2D outline of the sphere as the profile of the bend


New member
You can't use the Wrap feature on a sphere because it isn't possible to do, without changing the lengths of edges. The wrap feature is similar to try to put a piece of paper on a surface. If the paper can be applied without wrinkling, then a wrap feature will work. If the paper would wrinkle, then the wrap feature cannot be done. Basically, the surface needs to be cylindrical or conical or even an extruded section.


New member
you can rather try project on surface option. then cut or extrude the text as you like.


first create an offset datum plane & sketch your text on it. then use project on surface.

try &

tell me the result