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worm n worm wheel moving together, problem !!


New member
Hello !!

May I know the difference between Pro/animation, Pro/motion and Assembly mechanism, please !!

As I m trying hard to animate two parts (in assembly, mechanism), 1st a worm and 2nd a worm wheel which should move together having the gear ratio 3:1

I was going through one tutorial where they mentioned that i need to create one ground part which will remain rigid during the run !!

I made a 3rd part (a ground part) too, which is having an axis of both worm n worm wheel. I m assemblying first the ground part (which is having 2 axis, worm axis n worm wheel axis) n then i m assemblying worm and worm wheel by giving pin joints in connections !! seems i m mistaking somewhere but i truly dont know where ??

can anybody suggest, please !!




New member
hi jasmeet,

i'm having this same problem as yours, im geting my connections suppressed each time i try to enter mechanism application.

what's wrong again, i didn't quiet understand where is the problem.




New member
hello shady,

ofcourse prompt will come stating that if u will continue, the connections will suppressed BUT dont allow ur connections to suppress :) i mean dont continue after this prompt otherwise ur connections will get suppressed n i dont know if u will get the desired results...

instead of that try to fix the things with the reference plane of ur ground part and component.

when u will be giving the pin connections, 1st is the easy part..that is axis...go for the axis of ur component and then the ground part, 2nd is the translation ...in this think about the planes, which plane or surface get matches with the component and the ground part..select those, this will help to make the pro/E understand that bla bla distance is fixed between the ground body n the component. n then attack on servo motors...which i m sure u can deal, take care where it will ask for green n cyan body reference......

i must say that even i m working on hit n trial basis but ...may be the things will get easy if we will do some more cases.

good luck !!


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