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Working on Intralink data offline


New member
I am running Intralink 3.4 and Pro/E WF2. I have a customer that is running the same software versions. My customer would like me to work on their Intralink controlled Pro/E files, but will not give me access to their data server (FireWall/Security concerns).

They fetched the appropriate files into a clean workspace and then sent me their entire .proi folder. I substituted this for my .proi folder and launched a linked Pro/E session to this database. However, when I try to open a file out of this workspace, Pro/E tells me it cannot retrieve the file and it lists a network path preceding the file name that is unique to my customers network.

Anybody know how I can get Pro/E to open these files out my customers .proi folder?


New member
Do a backup from your customers system and do your work outside of Intralink. Then send them back the files to import into their system again. You will not be able to work directly with their Intralink versions as the parameters and structure will likely be different.


New member
Your customer wants you to use the data in a linked session to the .proi without starting intralink. This way only the files you did (!) change will have to be checked in to the customer system. We do this with our consultants (maybe I am your customer?

1 - The .proi needs to be placed in the same folderlocation as your customer. If they had it in c:\temp\.proi it means you have to place it in the same location.

2 - To tell the software about the location of the .proi, you set a variable PDM_LDB_PATH in the OS (in the example we pulled, the value would be c:\temp\ )

3 - Tell proe to start linked to your customers WS. In your desktop starticon for proe, edit it's properties. In the "Target" area, where it points out the proe startfile, you add the switch -wWorkspaceName ...where WorkspaceName is the name of a workspace within the customer .proi

Example: Target: c:\ptc\proe\bin\proe1.bat -wEngine_model

There might be error messages about Java when launching, just close thoose (we have this at least, and it only seems to be annoying).

Good Luck