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Working from home AND Intralink?


New member
IS it possible to work fromsatelite locations(offsite of company) when dealing with Pro/E and IntraLink?

We're looking to have some designers work from home but still maintainaccess to Pro/E licenses as well as Intralink's database (which is behind the company's firewall). Is there a simple solution that will allow for remote checkins or is it necessary to always export/import files into intralink?

We are currently running Pro/E 2001 and IntraLink 3.2 with firewalls between company and outside world.

thanks in advance.


New member
There is a secure way to connect thru firewalls from internet called VPN (virtual private network). That will work well for accesing licences. Transfer intralink data can be rather slow depending on how fast internet access you have (and the company as well).

Google on VPN, theres a lot of information out there.


New member
For vpn NORTEL is good, Ihave used it for 4 years.

Licensing over vpn is no problem.

Have not tried the intralink as of yet but it should work just slow to move tha much data.

Would suggest using cable modem or DSL, 56K modem lines would not be good.


Cable modems these days can run theoretical 3 Mbps, mine clocks in at 2.4 actual using CNETs speed test, DSL can only do half that at best. However, that is download speed, most cable companies artificially limit upload speed to a fraction of that for residential accounts. Also, some prohibit VPN for residential accounts. Commercial accounts typically can use full bandwith for upload and VPN, etc. but will cost substantially more.

You will also want a router on the home side even if there is only one computer because the router will have a NAT firewall which is more secure that the software firewalls on the PC. You will still want the software firewall on the PC along with all the virus checkers, spy ware tools, etc. VPN is secure between your company and remote users but if a remote user picks up something nasty it can still infect the rest of your company.

As a side note, once you have a cable modem you can ditch the phone company and go with VoIP (Vonage, etc.) for your phone service and save a lot of the cost of broadband.


New member
VPN works fine. We are based inSouth Africaand did work for a company in the USA. We used a secure vpn line. We checked in and out one every day.


New member
Thanks guys..

seems like the only method is VPN with broadband connection and a router... I'll give it a shot and see how slow I crawl with IntraLink.