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Working Directory. (yes I am a newbie)


New member
Just curious of where one should place the working directory when working on multiple projects. Any lend me a hand on this. Hoping answer is right so that I might point and laugh at co-worker. Some one settle this intra-office debate.
Always best to have only one, especially if you're new.

If you insist on having several working directories, set them up per project and have all relevant drawings, assemblies & parts in the same folder.

Don't split stuff into folders like one for drawings, one for assemblies and one for parts unless you're an expert on search-paths and config.pros.

Remember KISS (keep it simple stupid).
So my working directory should be the same directory where I store my files correct? *this is the debate* Partner thinks we should put the working directory somewhere local on our HDD, and then save the .prt files in a separate shared folder on the server. Sorta makes sense. My position is to set the working directory to the same folder we are going to store the files in for this project. I want to keep different directories for each project as they will be for different companies. Which is better? or is there a better way?
You're working directory is for working in - not necessarily for saving in too..

You can backup your working directory to a protected network folder where other users can at least get read access.

Sounds like you may want to consider a PDM system..
I've found it best to set my working directory to where the project files are stored (in most cases). You can then create searchpaths in your to be able to read common files, such as standard fasteners, etc.

What I like to do is create a desktop shortcut for Pro/E for each project I am working on. The target always points to the Pro/E startup command, but the Start in folder is the project directory. This way, when you click on the shortcut, Pro/E automatically sets the working directory to your project.