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working directory/path


New member
how can pro-e remember different path? i am working with pro-e since a couple of weeks and every time i am opening a big assembly file i need to show pro-e where are the different directories and parts. i already set the path-directories in the config.pro but it does not work. thanks a lot for your help!


New member
Set the working directory using properties (you will ses this with right mouse your proe short cut or bat file).


1. Right click your mouse on short cut.

2. open properties.

3. click on program

4 . set directory as you with in working.


New member
You may also want to try seting the search_path_file option in the config.pro. Then create the search.pro file to look something like:

search_path D:\your\path\name1

search_path D:\your\path\name2

search_path C:\your\path\name3

etc, etc...


New member
I don't blieve you need the leading search_path if you are creating a search.pro file, just: