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Work with files ProEng of student's versions.


New member
Student version files and Professional files are not compatible. There is no way to do it that I know of.


New member
You can try exportig as IGES from Pro/E SE, then import that back into the commercial version. Other than that, you are out of luck, I believe.


New member
Can you export a step file? I have had good luck exporting a step shell into other programs with the surfaces staying connected. You have to watch out for variable rads though.



New member
You can export a neutral file like igs or stp from the student edition and import it into the commercial version but you can't go the other way. The files themselves aren't compatable with each other.



New member
You might be able to load the student version fine in Educational verson (Regen and save) and then this file should be compatible with the Professional version. I haven't tried it but I have heard it works.

An Educational version is what a college or university would run.


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