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Windows 2000 and pro/e 2000i Compatible???


New member
Hello all:

I have a question that when i install the os win2000 and reinstall pro/e 2000i and execute the pro2000i.bat

it's show error message like xtop.exe error can't find input point......can't find process input point DDHAL_32VidMemFree(in Dynamic link library DDRAW.dll)

Thanks a lot

Hi welber,

Between Win 2000 si Pro/E 2000i it is compatibility 100%.

About your problem let say:

- unsuccesful instalation for pro/E

-CD instalation in inproper shape (dust, etc.)

- you have one virus active in sistem

The clasical location is: drive:\Winnt\system32

try another instalation for Pro/E or try to find that file (or copy from another computer ... I don't recomand that ... ) sometime it works

Maybe now is late for this step, but listen for my experience. When I reinstall OS, (NT, WIN 2000 or XP) I only go to bin, and type ptcsetyp.bat, and than reconfigure My ProE. Because my number of network card is always same I have been make a copy of my installed ProE on CD, and now I only copy them from Cd, and reconfigure them (if I change partition or path where hi is now). I suppose that you have been backup your projects but not a installation of ProE, and that


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