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Windchill soft-object type


New member
Hi y'all,

The company I work for has purchased and gone through an implementation of Windchill PDM/Link.

During the administrative training, we were thought how to create soft-object types with attributes. We then saw a potential for categorization of our Windchill parts : Creating a soft-object type called fasteners, for instance,to whichwe'd assign attibutes like thread, length, etc.

Without specifying soft-object types (type manager), we asked a first technicalperson from PTC how we could categorize our parts. He told us about the Type Manager. Therefore, we though we were on the right track. Wrong. Actually, we don't know what's right or wrong right now, because we spoke with 2 other technical persons from PTC who told us that the only way to classifiy our parts was with an option called Parts/Link (including CounterPart) which we don't have. They also told us that we could not yet (Windchill 7.0 M040) assign soft-object types to our Windchill parts. And as a matter of fact, I did search how to do it, our categories (i.e. soft-object types) being already created, and did not succeed. Although I was able to perform a search while specifying one soft-object type.

Now, my questionsare :

1. How to assign a soft-object type (sub-type ofWTpart) to a Windchill part?

2. What is that Type Manager for if we can't use the soft-object types we've created in it?