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Wildfire to Pro/E 2001???? HELP


New member
Not the first time it has happened and won't be the last. An Engineer had an outside firm design and create drawings in Wildfire. Unfortunately, we are on Pro/E 2001. Does anyone know if it is possible to import the models as parametric models into 2001? Does anyone know if there is an outside firm who can do the conversion for us?

I have read where .NEU (Neutral) files may work. Have never worked with Neutral files, but am suspecting I would get one Blob (Useless) Feature? Have also read where you can save the part as a UDF in Wildfire and read it into Pro/E 2001. Does anyone have experience with either of these options? Any help would be appreciated.
From what I tried with the UDF conversion I couldn't get it to work from Wildfire to 2001. Neutral files don't give you part history.

Yuo might want to try Autobuildz
That is a tough issue which PTC must address. I have a Widfire 60 day try version obtained from a class which is almost useless because I cant get a license from anyone . They keep giving all these toll free numbers leading to no substantial help. My question is why such a flap after all the excitement over the software in classrooms ? Any help from you guys ?

the same problem return from wildfire to 2001...

i say that...

nowdays no external software, translator, or any name of it, can translate the efficiency, design inent, parameters, relations, constrains, features from the wildfire to 2001...

any try of it is useless...

i tried with the ATB but the same results, an empty imported feature...

so my opinion is start as soon as you can building your models again with 2001, or jumb to wildfire