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WildFire: Suppressing splash screen


New member
Hi all,

When WildFire starts up (or any other Pro/Engineer version) it displays
a so-called 'splash screen', a window that says "Pro/Engineer WildFire'
or whatever.

I find this very annoying. Especially because it remains on top of all
other programs. I tend to start up WildFire while reading my e-mail
etc, and because the splash screen enforces itself on top of other
programs it is in the way.

WildFire takes considerably longer to start up than previous Pro/E versions, so it is more annoying than before.

Is there a way to prevent WildFire from displaying this splash screen at startup?

Kind regards



Active member
delete the file named com_splash ( a gif file) from


or where your proewildfire is installed and you will have no more splash screen.

But I would suggest instead of deleting it cut it and paste it elswhere cz you may want it again.