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Wildfire-Sketcher Customization


New member

I am trying to customize my tool icons (Line, Circle, etc..), but I can not do it because the TOOLS---CUSTOMIZE SCREEN is grayed out. I want to remove the tool icons I do not use regualrly. Does any one know a work around?




Good question! I would like to eliminate some of those flyout menus, just put all the options in one toolbar. Most of the flyouts only have 2 options anyway. The flyouts just add mouse clicks.
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Hello Everyone,

I figured out how to fix my problem. For those of you who whould like to know, hereare the step tocustomize your skecther icons:

1. Create a brand new part.

2. Click on the Skecth Tool Icon and go through the motions.

3. Then TOOLS---CUSTOMIZE SCREEN option should work.

Thanks and Good Luck,



Thanks. I tried & tried to do that to an internal sketch but Pro/E won't let you do it. I didn't think to try it as an independant sketch feature.

Unfortunately, Pro/E won't let you remove the flyout menus. So even if all the options are in the toolbar you still have to have it cluttered with the flyouts. Why on earth would they design a flyout menu with only 2 options?

Anybody know how to get rid of the flyouts? Also, there is no icon for creating a reference dimension, that would be a lot better than sketch/dimension/reference.
to remove flyout menu from sketcher you have to:

1. Create new sketch (File >> New >> Sketch)

2. In sketch mode Tools >> Customize Screen

3. Right click on flyout menu and then Delete

4. to add button (line, circle etc.) just itdrag from Customize Window to the main window.

5. Save your config.win in your start directory

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Thanks [email protected]
Right clicking on the flyout let me delete several flyout menus. Big improvement.

The icon you show above lets you pick part edges and and datums to reference in sketching and dimensioning. It does not create reference dimensions. WF2 sketcher has 4 types of dimensions but only one dimension icon.


New member
Create a new sketch, not a new part, then all the customization options for sketcher will be available to use. Is this what you are looking for?