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Wildfire restarts the pc

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We are sticking with Pro/E 2001 with Intralink 3.3 until a problem with our maintenance agreement is sorted - hence I can't log a call.

In the meantime, I would like to evaluate Wildfire (datecode 2003490) on the following machine:

Dell Precision 650 Workstation

Windows 2000 Profesional SP 4

2 Gb ram

NVIDIA Quadro 4 900 XGL Driver version

Wildfire installs ok, and I've set the loadpoint, etc to be different to that of the 2001 - as per other threads.

Unfortunately, attempting to run Wildfire as a standalone causes the pc to shut down and reboot. No message warnings, except that the clock can't function because the machine is closing down.

I've checked the hardware against the PTC recommendation, and can't find anything wrong.

Anyone out there met anything like this?


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Yes I did turned out to be the graphics card on the laptop I had it on. It did not like the driver and when you started Wildfire the splash would come up and than it was restarting the machine. Being a non-certified machine I found a newer driver for the machine and it worked, this is an XP machine.
Not open for further replies.