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Wildfire Problems: External Copy Solid Surfaces


New member
Ok, trying to do my first real project in WildHair and I already have a problem. How do I make an external copy geom of solid surfaces from an external assembly? I figured out Insert/Shared Data/Copy Geometry from Other Model. Then when I select an assembly, I used to be able to pick Solid Surfaces and pick a part. I could thereby copy all the necessary surfaces of an assembly without creating any surface features in the assembly. But Wildfire's selection process has got me all fouled up. I can't figure out how to select anything but individual surfaces. Any ideas?


New member
In Wildfowl you can select Solid Surfaces by selecting one surface on the component you want to get the solid surfaces from and then right-click and select Solid Surfaces. They kind of hid this one, but it's there.


New member
Thanks lcoates, I kept seeing Solid Surfaces greyed out in the popup menus. I didn't realize you had to select a random surface first.


To get the old Solid Surfs option, Select any surface from a given part and then right-click and choose Solid Surfaces.

Another way I've found is to select any surface from a given part, then hold shift, and select the same surface again. This is the Seed & Boundary technique, but I guess if both the seed and bourndary are the same surface, it give you the whole part...

A single Copy Geometry feature (regular or external) can only reference geometry from a single part. You may select as many surfaces from a given part as you want by holding the CTRL key. If you only need surfaces from a few components in an assembly, this is a good method.

To copy surfaces from lots of components in an external assembly, look into External Shrinkwrap as another option. By default, you'll get surface from all components of the assembly, but you can change that during the definition of the shrinkwrap feature.

-Brian Adkins