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Wildfire/Intralink saving problems


New member
I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this situation and perhaps found a better solution than we have.

We have a designated parameter in all our Pro/E parts that has an associated attribute in Intralink. The Intralink attribute is restricted to a list of values. If there is no value set for the parameter in Pro/E, then you cannot save with WildFire. A conflict message says The following attribute value(s) are not among the allowed ones: :attribute_name. The dialog box offers only one choice which is to Close the window, and then Wildfire gives the error: partname could not be saved to the workspace.

This is different behavior than we see with Pro/E 2001 which will display the error message but allow you to proceed with the save operation. The obvious answer is to either undesignate, or enter a valid value for the parameter before you save. This is easy enough with a single component, but with an assembly it could be a real pain to go through that exercise on subcomponents.

Does anyone know of a configuration setting either in WildFire or Intralink that would allow a save without forcing this conflict parameter/attribute conflict to be resolved first?


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