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WildFire Interface


New member
I have used Pro/e everyday for 7 years now, from ver 17 and on up, moving to new ver's as I go. I have always found that If there was something that I wanted to do but hadn't done before or used often I at least knew where to find them ie solid create commands were in a logical area, surface etc....

Well WildFire changed all that.... I find I am much slower with this interface, I find nothing user friendly about this interface at all, some of the commands are logically grouped but the surface interface isn't at all.

Anyone else find this ...

yes change is a good thing , but not everything new is better...



New member
I'm user since release 18 and i think there should be a philosophy to respect each time a new version is released.

For example, when switching from 2000i to 2001, datum features wheren

Pro E Bureau

New member
I've neen using Pro E since release 18 and have recently installed Wildfire. Yes, it is new and different but I'm sure with a bit of time users will get used to the new interface and find it pretty good. Resistance to change is never a good thing!

Sure, productivety with be slowed down for a while but 1 step back to get 3 steps forward is what I think. I just wish that my clients would get using it so I can do work for them on Wildfire. The best way to get a handle on it it to start using it I guess.


New member
Try leaning on PTC to get a compatible version of Intralink and more people might seriously consider the switch to Wildfire. I'm hoping in the mean time PTC will fix some of the major short comings that were either introduced or not addressed in what has proved to be a thud rather than a bang with this release.

Bernie Hayden



New member
Ahhhh, autolisp.

I havent used autocad for a awhile but I do remember things being shaken up from v12 > v13.

Something to do with solview solprof etc but I cant remember exactly.

I dont think Autocad is a good example for either interface or quality transitions between revs.



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