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wildfire installation help


New member
Hi room,

I needan instruction of how to install the wildfire. This is my first time of installing this software and it seems very difficult to install. Is there a guide that show step by step of how to install in this software? any help is appreciate it.



New member
The install is fairly straight forward. The most complicated thing, IMO, is the licensing. What are you running for licensing? Is it floating/fixed? Flex3C? PTC has a great tech support line.. they can walk you through much of the install I'm sure.


New member
I agree, The install is straight forward but your license server setup and license files can be the most confusing part.


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ProEngineer WF 2.0 Installation on Win XP

I am trying to install Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 on Windows XP. After running the setup, it gives an error message, "Unable to detect host id" . However the ethernet id is displayed correctly in the command prompt (using "ipconfig /all). I had configured a additional ethernet card which was later removed.

Please help,



insert the 1st cd of proe installation and when proe opens the first window in order to continue the install it must show you, at theleft corner, your host ID. If not then don't continue further you installation.

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you must solve your ID problem

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New member
I have the same problem as Sukhpreet, pro/e is unable to detect a network card/host id.

HOW DO I SOLVE THE ID PROBLEM, to enable pro/e to see the network card and obtain a host id?



New member
hmm.. pro should pick it up on it's own... let me ask a dumb question - you do have a network card installed on the computer, right?


New member
Yes I have a network card installed, typing ipconfig or getmac in a command prompt gives methe address of the network card as stated on the packaging.

ptc setup does not recognise it "unable to detect host id"


New member
Do you have a Norton or Windows firewall turned on?Sometimes, but not always, the firewall will block the license management software from communicating with Pro/E. You may have to configure your firewall to allow communication.


New member
My nic is not wireless.

I do have antivirus software with a firewall, I'll give that a try.

Typing ipconfig in a command prompt, will give me an address, but also states that it is disconnected.

In the taskbar, the network icon says "a network cable is unplugged"

I have no need to connect to another computer as the nic is for pro/e only.

The problem has occured on windows xp, under windows 2000 there was no problem.

Bill Thomson

New member
Had the same problem with a laptop.

Run regedit and negotiate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" "Software Microsoft" "WindowsNT" "Current_version" "Network cards"

Ensure there is an entry "1", you can rename any of the existing.


New member

Had a similar problem when installing 2001, Pro E would keep telling me it could not find id host.

This may not help but it solved my problem by making sure my network connection had a fixed ip address and not giving me a new one each time I logged on.

Go to a DOS window and type ipconfig /all (write down all your ip address etc.)

Then "control panel" "network & dial up connections", click on "local area connection" then "properties". Highlight "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" then "Properties". Type in your ip addresses and click "use the following ip address".

If not then a tech call to PTC usually helps, if you log a call on their web site they usually reply quicker than waiting on the phone.


I think you need to disable "media sensing" in your windows registry so the NIC stays active even when disconnected from a network.


New member
Thanks Guys.

Wildfire is now up and running.

I had to go into the registry and rename the network card to "1" (running ptc setup now gives me a host id, see Bill Thomson's reply)

I have had to disable the anti virus and firewall protection to allow wildfire to run, otherwise it just gets so far and hangs.


New member
You also need to check that your network is enabled. In more recent windows implementations, the operating system will automatically disable the networking if it cannot sense a physical network connection. In which case flexlm and the PTC install software are unable to interogate the network card. To solve this you have to plug in a network cable or hack the registry to disable the network "autosense" option.