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New member
Greetings, I have an evaluation copy of Mechanica and want to install it. I have gone through PTC Setup on my license server and installed the new .txt file. I now need to run PTC Setup on my workstation to install Mechanica, here is my question: In the timeout resourse page for Wildfire is says that I need to uninstall the existing Pro/Engineer installation before installing this new datecode. Is this correct? Does it mean that I really need to uninstall or just run PTC Setup with the new datecode (2003451)?


Steve C
If you already have pro/e wildfire installed it will probably be easier to just download the timeout fix from ptc's website (if you haven't already) for your older build # wildfires that you currently have installed. That way you will not have to uninstall your current datecode in order to install just the eval copy of mechanica. If you have an unaffected datecode of the eval copy of mechanica then all you will need to do is install it from the cd to your workstation as req'd by typical ptc setup steps. If you have a datecode equal to 2003451 for mechanica then i would reccommend un-installing your older build of wildfire and installing build 2003451 first then mechanica, etc, as they may not be compatible together as different build numbers between pro/e and mechanica.