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Wildfire 2 in laptop with nvidia geforce


New member
I`m thinking in purchasing a laptop ACER 1522 WLMI.
Amd Athlon 64 3000+
512 Mb
60 Gb Hard disk
Nvidia geforce fx go5700
What are your opinions? Will wildfire 2 run on it? Has anybody experience with this graphic card?


New member
Have no experience with it. If you want a laptop with a decent
battery life and still have excellent performance, Centrino is the way
to go.

A Pentium M 1.8 ghz processor will be in the same ball park as the
athlon 64 3000. The difference is that the Pentium M uses far
less power.

I can't tell you about the geforce fx card. Is is
certified? If is is not, then is it modifiable to make it act
like a certified card? If it isn't, I would probably avoid it.


New member
It will work ok.You can try to use rivatuner and 45.28 drivers to mod your geforce in to a quaro fx.Even if you can use as a geforce,and have good performance.


New member
I hav wildfire 2.0 but unable to install ..Please guide me how to make a license for wild fire 2.0..Flexlm is necessary to install wild fire20