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wildfire 2.0 to 2001


New member
Is there a config option or other means of saving back from wildfire 2.0 to 2001 so that the models can be modified?

Thanks. Steve J


New member

Ihave great sympathy for you if you are even considering the possibility of going back the way... the format transfer that cristelino talks is the neutral file...not advisable,,it is a dumb block on your screen...(PLS correct me if i am wrong!!)

can i ask why you want to go back to 2001?

was it more stable than wf2?

why not back to wildfire 1?? have you found that to be unstable....

as much info as possible pls...datecodes moved from and moved to will be helpful..very important post.... I hope you sort your probs out

unfotunaltely no-one can help as the software is not backward compatibile...

rumours I hear is that there MAY be LIMITED ability to go back to previous verisons as of WF3. dont know how useful a LIMITED ability of this will be...still wont help guys out like you that make the move then find out the softweare aint waht it was said to be.

i still remember the hype of WF1 ...every salesman I spoke to told me that it had the abiulity to save to previous versions

Every CAD guy I know got fed the same story....Did it have the ability to save backwards...did it heck as like!



New member
Thanks for the replies. The reason I want to save back is so that some of my co-workers who are using 2001 can work on the files models I have created in wf2.0.