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Wildfire 2.0 SE "ghost image"


New member
I have just installed Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 Student Edition, and I keep on
having this "ghost image" issue that I can't seem to resolve whenever
I'm working on a model. Although I tried changing display
settings and video card settings, but it still pops up whenever I have
my mouse over the model, and it goes away temporarily whenever I
reorient or click on menu items. Does anyone have an idea what
might be causing this, and how to resolve this problem?

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Thanks a bunch...



Have you tried the following config.pro option?

graphics win32_gdi

Try it, and if it works, then your video card or it's driver are not handling OpenGL well.



New member
I tried your suggestion, got it to work without the causing annoying
images, but the graphics were painfully slow. Then, I switched
back to OpenGL, rebooted my computer, and it works very well since
then... don't really know what was wrong, but it works now.




New member
Even though it's working now, check to see that your driver settings are correct. Hopefully you're using a video card supprted by PTC.

If you haveQuadro FX: Go to Control Panel>Display> Choose the Settings tab> Click Advanced. You should find settings for your video card driver (in my case, there's a "Quadro FX" tab). For Quadro FX the Custom OpenGL Applications Setting should be set to "Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire" (near the bottom of the dialogue box. I would imagine other cards' drivers are similar.