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Wildfire 2.0 config.win problem...


New member
We have just upgraded from Pro/e 2000 to Wildfire 2.0. We are running Windows 2000 XP Pro on workstations. The program runs O.K., but we find that if we modify any buttons and the auto save to config.win button is checked, a new config.win gets written and the next time we attempt to get back into Wildfire it will not load.

If we delete the new config.win, Wildfire will then load. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, is there any solution out there?



New member
We upgraded from ProE 2001 to WF 2.0 (m060) and along with that Intralink 3.3

We also ran into a similar problem - what we seem to have found is

Initial installation creates a config.win in the loadpoint directory bin\text folder. Our startup bat file copies a default config.win to the same location from our network.

When a user opens WF and attempts to modify buttons, screen layout or what ever, and saves this to the users start folder (which is the default). The next time he opens WF there seems to be a conflict with the 2 config.win files.

We have removed the first config.win in the bin\text folder and modified the startup bat file not to copy any file there. We then placed the original default config.win to the users start folder which he then can modify as he needs.

This has allowed us to open WF with no problem and give the users somekind of default graphical setup including some predefined toolbars / buttonsusing previous mapkeys.

I must clarify that there are several other issues still coming to the surface as we use WF, all or most of which were not mentioned when we started this upgrade.


New member
Thanks OldSchool,

We had stumbled across your solution, so it is no longer an issue. Thank-you for your reply.I am also experiencing some difficulty with legacy files. I took a different approach to my last model (prior to the upgrade), and created a basic design, and then loaded it up with optional assemblies (which I suppressed). After the software upgrade people left, I discovered that my supressed features have lost pattern links and will not open

One other issue that we have found is verification of legacy family tables (no longer verified in the new version). Some of these issues can be side stepped by changing the "bump_revnum_on_retr_regen=no" in your config.pro. Otherwise, the work-around is to open the files and reverify the family table members in Wildfire.

Good luck!


New member
Just wanted to mention something that may help others. We found that config.pro and config.win files that where created in older versions of Pro/Engineer, don't always work with Wildfire 2.0. I created ours from scratch and have no problems.

Just a suggestion.


New member
FYI - THe config.win issue is resolved in build M080... M060 & M070 have an issue when two config.win's try to load.. M080 solved the prob beautifully for us.


New member
It only took us4 hours of scratching our heads wondering why Wildfire was crashing to come up with that one. :) Sheesh!!!


New member
I experienced this also.

I created as the Pro/Adminstrator a nice config.win, off course based on our toolbars we had in 2001. I distributed this via email throughout our company, to place the file in c:\program files\proewildfire\text directory.

Next morning I could manually remove all these from everybody's system, because Wildfire 2wouldn't start anymore. A nice way to find out...

I ordered M080 today.