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wildcat vp 990 pro


New member
Anyone out there with the new vp 990 pro?

Its the one with 512 megs of ram.

Its made my life hell this week.

It worked well for the first 1.5 weeks then things started to go a little funny. At first it was as simple as not being able to save an iges or step file, then I couldnt extrude etc. Sometime wierd dialog boxes would procreate on my screen and I couldnt close them.

I have tried reinstalling and updating all of my software as well as trying many different video drivers.

changed my to win32_gdi to confirm it wasnt the card.

PTC was stumped.

The solution....

Install my old video card reboot and everything is now back to normal.

Go figure. Anyone else had any luck with it?

I would like to make it work,

its a bit expensive to use as a coaster.


did you find out what's wrong with the card? i got a vp880 pro. work like a charm. i'm ditching the quadro. they don't impress me any more.
The memory was corrupted somehow.

They replaced it.

It works great with pro but not so well with java.

Our assemblies are large so I dont see any other option.

i just built new machine and bought the vp990 used it for 2 days and decieded it was worthless sent it back and got a 15% restocking fee it was probly the worst card i ever tried i had a gforce ti 4600 and it cost about $300 its a gaming card andf it smokes the vp990 in everaspect but texture rendering which i dont ever do in Pro E.


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